Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Jamoma CoreThe various frameworks that constitute the Jamoma Core
 Jamoma AudioGraphJamoma AudioGraph extends and specializes the Jamoma Graph layer
 Jamoma AudioGraph LibraryThe Jamoma AudioGraph Library
 Jamoma AudioGraph ExtensionsExtends Jamoma AudioGraph capabilities
 Jamoma AudioGraph UtilityLibSplitting, joining and related operations for multichannel signals
 Jamoma AudioGraph PlugtasticExporting audio plug-ins from AudioGraphs
 Jamoma DSPJamoma DSP specializes the Foundation classes to provide a framework for creating a library of unit generators
 Jamoma DSP LibraryThe Jamoma DSP Library
 Jamoma DSP ExtensionsExtends Jamoma DSP capabilities
 Jamoma DSP AnalysisLibAudio analysis utilities
 Jamoma DSP AudioUnitExtension adding support for hosting AudioUnit plugins
 Jamoma DSP ClipperAudio clipping utility
 Jamoma DSP CrossfadeUtility for crossfading between signals
 Jamoma DSP EffectsLibVarious audio effects units
 Jamoma DSP FFT LibFast Fourier Transform utilities for spectral processing
 Jamoma DSP FilterLibImplementation of a wide set of audio filters
 Jamoma DSP FunctionLibImplementation of mapping functions
 Jamoma DSP GeneratorLibAudio signal unit generators
 Jamoma DSP MathLibMath operations for audio processing purposes
 Jamoma DSP ResamplingLibUtilities for resampling of audio signals
 Jamoma DSP SoundFileLibSupport for reading and writing soundfiles using libsndfile
 Jamoma DSP SpatLibImplementation of a number of spatialization techniques
 Jamoma DSP TrajectoryLibDescription of trajectories e.g., for describing source positioning and movement in spatialization
 Jamoma DSP WindowFunctionLibWindow functions to be used for spectral and granular processing, etc
 Jamoma FoundationJamoma Foundation provides low-level support, base classes, and communication systems
 Jamoma Foundation LibraryThe Jamoma Foundation Library
 Jamoma Foundation ExtensionsExtends Jamoma Foundation capabilities
 Jamoma Foundation ChaosLibNot yet implemented
 Jamoma Foundation DataspaceLibConversion between different units
 Jamoma Foundation MatrixProcessingLibUtilities for matrix processing
 Jamoma Foundation NetworkProcessingLibNetwork communication using OSC (OpenSoundControl) over the UDP and TCP protocols
 Jamoma GraphNetworking Jamoma Foundation based objects into graph structures, providing a basic asynchronous processing model for objects (nodes) in the graph structure
 Jamoma Graph LibraryThe Jamoma Graph Library
 Jamoma Graph ExtensionsExtends Jamoma Graph capabilities
 Jamoma Graph DictionaryLibProvides Jamoma Graph with dictionary capabilities
 Jamoma Graph MidiLibMIDI messages expressed and processed as dictionaries
 Jamoma ModularJamoma Modular provides a structured approach to development and control of modules in the graphical media environment Max
 Jamoma Modular LibraryThe Jamoma Foundation Library
 Jamoma Modular ExtensionsExtends Jamoma Modular capabilities
 Jamoma Modular MaxAn extension providing access to Max-specific functionalities such as the Max scheduler
 Jamoma Modular MinuitMinuit is used for auto-discovery of OSC namespaces
 Jamoma Modular OSCAn extension for OSC (OpenSoundControl) communication
 Jamoma Modular SystemAn extension implementing a scheduler based on the clock of the operation system
 ImplementationsImplementations for specific platforms and host environments
 Max ImplementationImplementation of Jamoma for Cycling '74 Max
 Max Implementation LibraryShared library of functionalities used by various externals in the Max implementation of Jamoma
 Max ExternalsMax externals that form part of the Jamoma implementation for Max
 DSP ExternalsJamoma DSP classes implemented as MSP externals
 Graph externalsJamoma Graph classes implemented as Max externals
 AudioGraph ExternalsJamoma DSP and AudioGraph classes implemented as AudioGraph multichannel audio processing externals
 Jitter ExternalsJitter matrix processing
 ModelsJamoma DSP classes wrapped as Jamoma models in the form of C++ externals
 AudioUnits ImplementationTODO Doxygen: Need some text here..
 iOS ImplementationTODO Doxygen: Need some text here..
 PureData ImplementationTODO Doxygen: Need some text here..
 Ruby ImplementationTODO Doxygen: Need some text here..
 VST ImplementationTODO Doxygen: Need some text here..
 Common DeclarationsCommon C++ programming declarations used throughout Jamoma
 ConstantsVarious constants used in Jamoma
 EnumerationsVarious enumerations used in Jamoma
 Bit MasksVarious enumerations used as bitmasks in Jamoma
 TypedefsVarious typedefs used in Jamoma
 MacrosVarious macros used in Jamoma