Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
Max Implementation

Implementation of Jamoma for Cycling '74 Max. More...

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 Max Implementation Library
 Shared library of functionalities used by various externals in the Max implementation of Jamoma.
 Max Externals
 Max externals that form part of the Jamoma implementation for Max.
 DSP Externals
 Jamoma DSP classes implemented as MSP externals.
 Graph externals
 Jamoma Graph classes implemented as Max externals.
 AudioGraph Externals
 Jamoma DSP and AudioGraph classes implemented as AudioGraph multichannel audio processing externals.
 Jitter Externals
 Jitter matrix processing.
 Jamoma DSP classes wrapped as Jamoma models in the form of C++ externals.


file  TTModularClassWrapperMax.h
 Wraps Jamoma Core classes as objects for Max/MSP.

Detailed Description

Implementation of Jamoma for Cycling '74 Max.