Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
Jamoma DSP Extensions

Extends Jamoma DSP capabilities. More...

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 Jamoma DSP AnalysisLib
 Audio analysis utilities.
 Jamoma DSP AudioUnit
 Extension adding support for hosting AudioUnit plugins.
 Jamoma DSP Clipper
 Audio clipping utility.
 Jamoma DSP Crossfade
 Utility for crossfading between signals.
 Jamoma DSP EffectsLib
 Various audio effects units.
 Jamoma DSP FFT Lib
 Fast Fourier Transform utilities for spectral processing.
 Jamoma DSP FilterLib
 Implementation of a wide set of audio filters.
 Jamoma DSP FunctionLib
 Implementation of mapping functions.
 Jamoma DSP GeneratorLib
 Audio signal unit generators.
 Jamoma DSP MathLib
 Math operations for audio processing purposes.
 Jamoma DSP ResamplingLib
 Utilities for resampling of audio signals.
 Jamoma DSP SoundFileLib
 Support for reading and writing soundfiles using libsndfile.
 Jamoma DSP SpatLib
 Implementation of a number of spatialization techniques.
 Jamoma DSP TrajectoryLib
 Description of trajectories e.g., for describing source positioning and movement in spatialization.
 Jamoma DSP WindowFunctionLib
 Window functions to be used for spectral and granular processing, etc.

Detailed Description

Extends Jamoma DSP capabilities.