Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
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file  JamomaForPd.h [code]
 Various utilities for interfacing with Pd that are not specific to JamomaModular as such.
file  JamomaModularForPd.h [code]
 JamomaModular For Max Shared Library.
file  PureData/library/includes/JamomaObject.h [code]
 The global Jamoma object.
file  JamomaPdObjectTypes.h [code]
 Data types for Max objects that fit more naturally with the Jamoma coding style.
file  JamomaPdSymbols.h [code]
file  PureData/library/includes/JamomaSymbols.h [code]
 Jamoma symbols cached to avoid repeated calls to the expensive SymbolGen() function.
file  PureData/library/includes/JamomaThreading.h [code]