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TTWebSocket Class Reference

Create a websocket server. More...

#include <TTWebSocket.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TTWebSocket (const TTObjectBasePtr owner, const TTUInt16 port, const TTString &htmlPath)
 Create a socket to receive websocket messages. More...
 TTWebSocket ()
 Create a socket to send websocket messages.
TTErr bind ()
 Bind websocket server.
TTErr SendMessage (TTSymbol &message)
 Send message. More...

Public Attributes

TTObjectBasePtr mOwner
 The object that instantiated this socket and will receive notifications.

Detailed Description

Create a websocket server.

Definition at line 47 of file TTWebSocket.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TTWebSocket::TTWebSocket ( const TTObjectBasePtr  owner,
const TTUInt16  port,
const TTString htmlPath 

Create a socket to receive websocket messages.

ownerthe TTObjectBase to notify
portthe port number
htmlPaththe path to index.html file

Definition at line 201 of file TTWebSocket.cpp.

References mOwner.

Member Function Documentation

TTErr TTWebSocket::SendMessage ( TTSymbol message)

Send message.

messagemessage to send

Definition at line 255 of file TTWebSocket.cpp.

References TTSymbol::c_str(), kTTErrGeneric, kTTErrNone, TTString::size(), and TTLogError().

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