Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
t_filter Struct Reference

Data structure for the tt.filter~ object. More...

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Public Attributes

t_pxobject obj
 REQUIRED: The MSP 'base class'.
TTAudioObjectBasePtr filter
 The Jamoma DSP filter unit used.
TTAudioSignalPtr audioIn
 The Jamoma audio signal object that is used for filter input.
TTAudioSignalPtr audioOut
 The Jamoma audio signal object that us used for filter output.
TTUInt16 maxNumChannels
 The maximum number of audio channels permitted.
TTUInt16 numChannels
 The actual number of audio channels used.
TTUInt16 vs
 The vector size (number of samples per processing block)
TTUInt32 sr
 The sample rate.
long attrBypass
 ATTRIBUTE: Bypass filtering.
TTFloat64 attrFrequency
 ATTRIBUTE: Filter cutoff or center frequency, depending on the kind of filter.
TTFloat64 attrQ
 ATTRIBUTE: Filter resonance.
t_symbol * attrType
 ATTRIBUTE: what kind of filter to use.

Detailed Description

Data structure for the tt.filter~ object.

Definition at line 30 of file j.filter~.cpp.

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