Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
t_dbap_bformat Struct Reference

Structure for the j.dbap_bformat Max object. More...

#include <j.dbap_bformat.h>

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Public Attributes

t_object ob
 < Data structure for this object More...
long attrNumberOfSources
 number of active sources
t_xyz sourcePosition [MAX_NUM_SOURCES]
 Positions of the virtual source.
double blur [MAX_NUM_SOURCES]
 Spatial bluriness ratio in percents for each source.
double polarity [MAX_NUM_SOURCES]
 Polarity for each source, from 0 (omni) to 1 (in-phase) decoding.
double sourceGain [MAX_NUM_SOURCES]
 Linear gain for each source, not yet used.
double sourceNotMuted [MAX_NUM_SOURCES]
 Mute and unmute sources.
 Weight for each source for each destination.
t_decodeCoefficients decodeCoefficients [MAX_NUM_SOURCES][MAX_NUM_DESTINATIONS]
 Ambisonics decoding coefficients for each source for each destination.
long attrNumberOfDestinations
 Number of active destinations.
t_xyz destinationPosition [MAX_NUM_DESTINATIONS]
 Array of speaker positions.
t_xyz meanDestinationPosition
 Mean position of the field of destination points.
double masterGain
 Mater gain for all of the algorithm.
double variance
 Bias-corrected variance of distance from destination points to mean destination point.
double attrRollOff
 Set rolloff with distance in dB.
double attrVicinity
 Set radius of field of vicinity around speaker where decoding gets increasingly omni.
double a
 Constant: Exponent controlling amplitude dependance on distance. Depends on attrRollOff.

Detailed Description

Structure for the j.dbap_bformat Max object.

Definition at line 54 of file j.dbap_bformat.h.

Member Data Documentation

t_object t_dbap_bformat::ob

< Data structure for this object

Must always be the first field; used by Max

Definition at line 56 of file j.dbap_bformat.h.

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