Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
Pack Struct Reference

Data Structure for the j.pack= Max object. More...

#include <j.pack.h>

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Public Attributes

t_pxobject obj
 Pointer to Max object struct, this alwasy needs to be the first member of the struct.
TTAudioGraphObjectBasePtr audioGraphObject
 Pointer to an embedded Jamoma AudioGraph object serving as a generator for the downstream AudioGraph.
TTPtr audioGraphObjectOutlet
 Pointer to an embedded Jamoma AudioGraph outlet used to interface sith downstream AudioGraph objects.
TTUInt32 maxNumChannels
 The maximum number of MSP audio channels this object can pack onto an AudioGraph signal, set as an argument at object instantiation time.
TTUInt32 numChannels
 The actual number of channels to use. This is set by the PackDsp64 method when the MSP processing chain is being compiled, based on what inlets of j.pack= that have incoming MSP audio signals connected.
TTUInt32 vectorSize
 The size of audio vectors to process, cached by the DSP method.

Detailed Description

Data Structure for the j.pack= Max object.

Definition at line 22 of file j.pack-/j.pack.cpp.

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