Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
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file  TTBalance.cpp [code]
 TTBalance balance the gain level according to a side band signal.
file  TTDegrade.cpp [code]
 TTDegrade distorts signal by reducing bit resolution and/or sample rate.
file  TTGain.cpp [code]
 TTGain adjusts adio gain
file  TTLimiter.cpp [code]
 TTLimiter implements a lookahead limiter processor for controlling the dynamics of an input.
file  TTMuteSolo.cpp [code]

TTMutesolo mutes and soloes channels.

file  TTOverdrive.cpp [code]
 TTOverdrive is a soft saturation distortion effect.
file  TTPanorama.cpp [code]
 #TTPanorama performes stereo panning.
file  TTThru.cpp [code]
 TTThru pass an input signal to the output unchanged.
file  TTWaveshaper.cpp [code]
 TTWaveshaper distorts the signal by applying a waveshaper distortion