Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
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file  TTAudioObjectArray.cpp [code]
 Wrapper for an array of audio objects.
file  TTAudioObjectBase.cpp [code]
 TTAudioObjectBase is the Jamoma DSP Audio Object Base Class
file  TTAudioSignal.cpp [code]
 Represents M channels containing N vectors of audio samples.
file  TTAudioSignalArray.cpp [code]
 Container for an array of TTAudioSignal pointers.
file  TTBuffer.cpp [code]
 Audio buffer that manages multiple SampleMatrices.
file  TTDCBlock.cpp [code]
 DC Offset Filter and Blocker.
file  TTDelay.cpp [code]
 Basic audio delay unit with 4 interpolation options.
file  TTDSP.cpp [code]
 Jamoma DSP Library.
file  TTMixer.cpp [code]
 TTMixer is a Jamoma DSP Audio Mixer Object
file  TTMultiMixer.cpp [code]
file  TTOperator.cpp [code]
file  TTSampleMatrix.cpp [code]
 Container object that holds some audio in a chunk of memory.