Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
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file  MIDI.h [code]
 the MIDI protocol for Jamoma Modular
file  MIDIDestination.h [code]
 create an virtual MIDI destination
file  MIDIInclude.h [code]
 Includes and definitions for the MIDI protocol for Jamoma Modular.
file  MIDIInput.h [code]
 bind to an external device source
file  MIDIOutput.h [code]
 bind to an external device destination
file  MIDIParserFrom.h [code]
 edit /channel.N/command.M TTAddress and a TTValue from incoming bytes
file  MIDIParserTo.h [code]
 edit bytes from /channel.N/command.M TTAddress and a TTValue
file  MIDISource.h [code]
 create an virtual MIDI source