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TTFunction Class Reference

Generalized Function Wrapper. More...

#include <TTFunction.h>

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Protected Member Functions

TTErr setFunction (const TTValue &function)
 choose the window function
TTErr setNumPoints (const TTValue &numPoints)
 set lookup table size
TTErr setMode (const TTValue &mode)
 set process method
TTErr setPadding (const TTValue &padding)
 zero-padding applied to lookup table
TTErr getFunctions (const TTValue &, TTValue &listOfWindowTypesToReturn)
 return a list of all the available window shapes
TTErr calculateValue (const TTFloat64 &x, TTFloat64 &y, TTPtrSizedInt data)
 y = f(x) for a single value
TTErr processGenerate (TTAudioSignalArrayPtr inputs, TTAudioSignalArrayPtr outputs)
 A standard audio processing method as used by Jamoma DSP objects. More...

Protected Attributes

TTSymbol mFunction
 Name of the window function to use.
TTAudioObjectBasePtr mFunctionObject
 The actual window function object for mFunction.
TTUInt32 mNumPoints
 Number of Points in the lookup table.
TTSampleVector mLookupTable
 Cached table of size mNumPoints.
TTSymbol mMode
 Options: 'generate', 'lookup', 'apply'.
TTUInt32 mPadding
 for generating the lookup table - (e.g. padded welch window padded by 16 zeros on both sides)

Detailed Description

Generalized Function Wrapper.

Definition at line 25 of file TTFunction.h.

Member Function Documentation

TTErr TTFunction::processGenerate ( TTAudioSignalArrayPtr  inputs,
TTAudioSignalArrayPtr  outputs 

A standard audio processing method as used by Jamoma DSP objects.

Definition at line 141 of file TTFunction.cpp.

References mFunctionObject, and TTAudioObjectBase::process().

Referenced by setMode().

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