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Mic Class Reference

Microphone class. More...

#include <Mic.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Mic (double x, double y, double z, double azi, double ele)
 Class constructor, taking 3d position and azimuth and elevation angles.
void reset ()
 Reset microphone to default values.
void azi (double angle)
 Set azimuth angle.
double azi () const
 Get azimuth angle.
void ele (double angle)
 Set elevation angle.
double ele () const
 Get elevation angle.
void gain (double newGain)
 Set gain.
double gain () const
 Get gain.
void dirGainA (double newDirGainA)
 Set directivity gain a.
double dirGainA () const
 Get directivity gain a.
double dirGainB () const
 Get directivity gain b.
void dirPow (double newDirPow)
 Set directivity power.
double dirPow () const
 Get directivity power.
void distPow (double newDistPow)
 Set distance power.
double distPow () const
 Get distance power.
void dbUnit (double newDbUnit)
 Set dbUnit for exponential distance model.
double dbUnit () const
 Get distance power.
virtual void printPos () const
 Print position in x,y,z.
void printAngles () const
 Print azimuth and elevation.
virtual ~Mic ()
 Class destructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Moveable
 Moveable ()
 Class constructor.
 Moveable (double x, double y, double z)
 Class constructor, taking arguments for x, y and z position.
double xPos () const
 Get x position.
void xPos (double x)
 Set x position.
double yPos () const
 Get y position.
void yPos (double y)
 Set y position.
double zPos () const
 Get z position.
void zPos (double z)
 Set z position.
bool flag () const
 True if object has moved.
void flag (bool changed)
 To be set if object has moved.
bool checkWidth (double newWidth)
 Check if a room's new width will still contain this object.
bool checkDepth (double newDepth)
 Check if a room's new depth will still contain this object.
bool checkHeight (double newHeight)
 Check if a room's new height will still contain this object.

Detailed Description

Microphone class.

This class implements a microphone, which consists of directivity pattern, a scalar gain, 3-d coordinates, azimuth angle and elevation angle.

by Tristan Matthews and Nils Peters, 2007-2008.

Definition at line 22 of file Mic.h.

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