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LowPass Class Reference

Low pass filter class. More...

#include <LowPass.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LowPass ()
 Class constructor.
void cutOff (long newCutOff)
 Set cutoff frequency.
virtual void print () const
 Print out info about this filter.
virtual ~LowPass ()
 Class destructor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Filter
 Filter ()
 Class constructor.
double tick (double input)
 Given an input sample, returns a filtered output sample.
void clear ()
 Reinitialize filter's memory.
virtual ~Filter ()
 Virtual destructor.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Filter
double percentToGain (double gainPercentage)
 Convert percentage to linear gain.
- Protected Attributes inherited from Filter
double sr_
 Pi divided by the sample rate.
double b1_
 Filter coefficient.
double b2_
 Filter coefficient.
double a0_
 Filter coefficient.
double a1_
 Filter coefficient.
double a2_
 Filter coefficient.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Filter
static const double MAX_ = 1.0
 Max gain value.
static const double MIN_ = 0.0000001
 Min gain value.

Detailed Description

Low pass filter class.

A 2nd order low pass filter.

Based on: Biquad.h by Gary Scavone and Perry Cook, and hml_shelf~.c by Thomas Musil, Copyright (c) IEM KUG Graz Austria 2000 - 2006

by Tristan Matthews and Nils Peters, 2007-2008.

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