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CrossFadeQueue Class Reference

CrossFadeQueue class. More...

#include <CrossFadeQueue.h>

Public Member Functions

 CrossFadeQueue (long fadeThreshold, long fadeLength, Properties::fadeMode fadeType, double sampleRate)
bool startFade ()
 Triggers a crossfade, returns true if fade has started.
void finishFade ()
 Manages cleanup and end of crossfade.
double getTblValAt (int index) const
 Returns crossfade table value at given index.
long fadeThreshold () const
 Get fade threshold in samples.
void fadeThreshold (long newThreshold)
 Set fade threshold in samples.
double fadeLength () const
 Get fade time in samples.
void fadeLength (long newLength)
 Set fade time in samples.
void fadeFunction (Properties::fadeMode fadeType)
double tick (double fadeInInput, double fadeOutInput)
 Out value of crossfade.
void increment ()
 Increment top level crossfade.
int size ()
 Return number of crossfades being queued.
bool isActive () const
 True if a crossfade is underway, false othewise.
bool atStart () const
 True if at beginning of crossfade.
 ~CrossFadeQueue ()
 Class destructor.

Detailed Description

CrossFadeQueue class.

This class implements a sound source, which consists of variables that are common to all crossfades, as well as the queue of crossfade events.

by Tristan Matthews and Nils Peters, 2007-2008.

Definition at line 23 of file CrossFadeQueue.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CrossFadeQueue::CrossFadeQueue ( long  fadeThreshold,
long  fadeLength,
Properties::fadeMode  fadeType,
double  sampleRate 

Class constructor, taking a value that determines how great a change in delay time (in samples) there must be to trigger a crossfade, as well as the length of the crossfade, the type of crossfade, and the sample rate.

Definition at line 31 of file CrossFadeQueue.cpp.

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