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Angle Class Reference

Angle class. More...

#include <Angle.h>

Public Member Functions

 Angle ()
 Default class constructor.
 Angle (double nCoord, double min, double max, double max2)
 Class constructor, taking an angle in degrees, a lower bound, an upper bound and another upper bound.
double operator() () const
 Get angle.
void operator() (double nCoord)
 Set angle.
 ~Angle ()
 Class destructor.

Static Public Attributes

static const double PI_X_180 = kTTPi / 180.0
 Constant to convert degrees to radians.

Detailed Description

Angle class.

This class implements an angle, which is given values in degrees but converts and stores them as radians.

by Tristan Matthews and Nils Peters, 2007-2008.

Definition at line 18 of file Angle.h.

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