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TTBuffer.h File Reference

TTBuffer manages the check-in/out of TTSampleMatrix pointers. More...

#include "TTDSP.h"
#include "TTSampleMatrix.h"
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class  TTBuffer
 TTBuffer manages the check-in/out of TTSampleMatrix pointers. More...
class  TTAudioBuffer
 Wrap TTBuffer instances for convenience. More...

Detailed Description

TTBuffer manages the check-in/out of TTSampleMatrix pointers.

TTBuffer acts as a librarian for checking-in and checking-out audio within a chunk of memory. Any object that wishes to read or write samples managed by TTBuffer must first check-out a pointer to the current TTSampleMatrix. Once the pointer has been obtained, the object can read and write audio samples by working directly with the corresponding TTSampleMatrix functions. Upon completion of its work, the object is then responsible for checking-in the pointer back to the TTBuffer.

This extra layer of protection prevents problems that can occur during such operations as changing the length in samples, changing number of channels, filling the buffer or loading a sound file. Whenever these key changes are made through TTBuffer, it first creates a new TTSampleMatrix and applies changes there. The new TTSampleMatrix only becomes available for check-out after the changes are completed.

The advantage of this approach is that during such changes, objects that have checked-out a TTSampleMatrix pointer can continue using these samples without fear of them being changed before being ready. Only once the object checks-in the current pointer and performs another check-out will it begin using the new set of samples. This can be advantageous in applications such as sampling, wavetables or granular processing.

See also
TTSampleMatrix, TTMatrix, TTAudioSignal
Timothy Place & Nathan Wolek

Definition in file TTBuffer.h.