Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
Appendix: Acknowledgements
Jamoma, Timothy Place

The Jamoma Foundation and Jamoma DSP projects were originally parts of the same project, a project named TTBlue.

The first version of TTBlue was originally written in the Autumn of 2003. A large portion of the initial environment was created in the lobby of the Augustin Hotel in Bergen, Norway during series of workshops hosted by BEK. TTBlue was originally authored as the basis of Electrotap’s Tap.Tools 2, a set of plug-ins for Cycling ’74’s environment. This in turn formed the basis of the Hipno VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins released by Electrotap and Cycling ’74.

TTBlue was open-sourced in the Spring of 2005. Its inclusion into the Jamoma project, and subsequent transition into the Jamoma Foundation and Jamoma DSP, occurred over the course of 2008 and 2009.

As an open source initiative, Jamoma has received valuable input from a large number of contributors in mostly informal ways. I can't hope to acknowledge everyone here. Trond Lossius and Dave Watson have both been active participants in the development of Jamoma Foundation and Jamoma DSP. Both have added immeasurably to the environment, not just by the addition of code, but by their feedback and critique. Joshua Kit Clayton also provided a valuable critique of TTBlue while we demonstrated Hipno at the Winter 2005 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. More recently, Tristan Matthews and Nils Peters have been helping to shape the libraries. Théo Delahogue has architected the NodeLib, a major component of the Jamoma Foundation.

Many aspects of these libraries were first developed by the Jamoma Modular team, including the FunctionLib developed at a Jamoma workshop hosted by iMal. Through its support of Jamoma, GMEA has supported the development of the Jamoma Foundation and DSP libraries. BEK sponsored the initial development of Jamoma Audio Graph through the efforts of Trond Lossius while the development of the Jamoma Graph has been funded by 74 Objects. McGill University sponsored the initial development of Jamoma Graphics through the efforts of Nils Peters.

This document owes its creation in part Trond Lossius, who introduced me to the Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX which is part of the inspiration for this document. He is also largely responsible for the creation of the ttblue.org website, now part of jamoma.org, both of which are generously hosted by BEK.