Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19
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file  TTSpatBase.cpp [code]
file  TTSpatBaseRenderer.cpp [code]
file  TTSpatDBAP.cpp [code]
 Jamoma DSP SpatLib unit based on Distance-based amplitude panning (DBAP)
file  TTSpatDBAPRenderer.cpp [code]
file  TTSpatDBAPSource.cpp [code]
 The #TTSpatDBAPSource class provides an extended description of a source as compared to the TTSpatSource class that it inherits from.
file  TTSpatEntity.cpp [code]
 TTSpatEntity describes the geometry of a point, and TTSpatSource and TTSpatSink specialise this further for the description of sources and sinks.
file  TTSpatSnap.cpp [code]
file  TTSpatSnapRenderer.cpp [code]