Jamoma API  0.6.0.a19

Provides a common way of representing composite values. More...

#include "TTElement.h"
#include <functional>
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class  TTValue
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Detailed Description

Provides a common way of representing composite values.

TTValue is the primary interface used to pass values to and from methods in Jamoma Core. Methods for a given TTObject should be passed both an input and output value to complete its operation, while the return is reserved for a TTErr.

Each TTValue may be composed of a single element or many elements because it has been defined as a subclass of the C++ standard library's vector class. This also enables our class to inherit familiar functions such as size() and from its parent class.

Individual items within the TTValue are defined by the TTElement class. These individual elements may be one of the defined types in the TTDataType enumeration.

Tim Place, Théo de la Hogue, Nathan Wolek, Julien Rabin, Nils Peters, Trond Lossius

Definition in file TTValue.h.