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TTSampleMatrix.h File Reference

TTSampleMatrix holds some audio in a chunk of memory. More...

#include "TTDSP.h"
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class  TTSampleMatrix
 Container object that holds some audio in a chunk of memory. More...


enum  TTBufferPoolStageEnum {
  kSM_Idle = 0,

Detailed Description

TTSampleMatrix holds some audio in a chunk of memory.

TTSampleMatrix extends the TTMatrix class found in Foundation to provide support for loading audio into a chunk of memory. Each sample value is stored as a one-element component with a datatype of 64-bit Float. Locations for individual components in the matrix can be identified by (sample, channel) pairs where samples correspond to rows in the matrix and channels translate to columns.

Because the TTMatrix class uses column-major order, it results in channels being interleaved and provides more efficient memory access for multi-channel sound. However, this interleaving must be accounted for when developing other objects to process or playback the audio.

Both sample and channel indices begin counting at zero. This means that index values greater than or equal to the respective mLengthInSamples or mNumChannels will be out of bounds.

See also
TTMatrix, TTAudioSignal
Timothy Place & Nathan Wolek

Definition in file TTSampleMatrix.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


not currently in use


being prepared for active stage by resizing or file loading operation


in use and pointer to this TTSampleMatrix will be given to users at check out


no longer active, but waiting for remaining users to check in

Definition at line 37 of file TTSampleMatrix.h.